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I've been having awful shoulder pain for the last couple of weeks... I finally broke down and used Recover Maxx on the areas of my shoulders that have been feeling uncomfortable. After applying, I'm now ready for bed and the soreness is gone!!!! What a great remedy!!! 
Shannon L    Milledgeville, GA

I used this at night on my back when my pain kept me awake.  I got a good night's sleep!  Now I use it in the morning too!
Sylvia     Mobile, AL

I would have to take a day off after I exercise because my muscles would be so sore...I was not able to work through the pain.  I put the oil on after my workouts and I can keep going.
Ed  Tampa, FL

I use it everyday for my arthritis. It helps me get through everyday!

My knee gives me problems.  I use the oil and I can go about my business.
JB  Panama City, FL


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Money Back Guarantee


RecoverMaxX relieves the ache, joint and muscle discomforts associated with training, competition, working, or everyday living.  

RecoverMaxX is a topical reliever oil that works so quickly and effectively that you will only remember its use when the pain returns - usually 4-6 hours.  It is excellent for joint aches both before and after joint replacement surgery.

Designed for muscle and joint recovery and relief of aches and soreness. RecoverMaxX is unprecedented in effectiveness.  

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